Commercial Fans

When you need to cool a factory or other commercial building, a window fan simply isn’t going to cut it. You need something more heavy-duty, and the team at Artic Air can help you find the right model for your business and employees. We can also repair and maintain commercial fans.

Commercial Refrigeration

If you own a restaurant, meat-packing plant, or any other business that uses a commercial refrigerator and/or freezer, Artic Air can provide all the needed repairs and maintenance for your unit. We can also help you find the best model for your needs if it’s time for a replacement.

Commercial AC Maintenance

Since they’re usually meant to cover a larger area, commercial AC units must be functioning at an optimal level at all times. Arctic Air’s technicians are up to the task. We can help you maintain your unit, performing tasks like filter changes and tune-ups. Our team will ensure your commercial AC unit is running at maximum efficiency!

Commercial AC Repair

When something goes wrong with your commercial AC unit, time is of the essence. Prolonged downtime could mean lost productivity, equipment, and supplies for your business, which all add up to lost profits. Artic Air has the equipment and crew to respond quickly to service calls, repairing your unit efficiently but correctly, getting your business back to normal.

Commercial AC Replacement

Is your commercial AC unit beginning to show signs of age and/or inefficiency? Artic Air can help you find the best replacement for your needs and budget before performing exceptional installation work. We’ll ensure the new model we install is perfectly suited for the size and cooling needs of your business.

Commercial Furnace Maintenance

Commercial furnaces are typically larger than residential ones, as they need to cover a larger area. When it comes to maintaining your commercial furnace, Artic Air always has you covered. We’ll make sure yours is running efficiently all year long and ensure it’s ready to go when you need it most.

Commercial Furnace Repair

In the business world, you simply can’t afford any lost time or productivity. That’s why Artic Air takes great pride in being able to serve our customers in a timely fashion. This includes commercial furnace repair services. We’ll make sure your furnace is restored to good working order as quickly as possible. We have many replacement parts at our disposal, so that’s not a problem if they’re needed.

Commercial Furnace Replacement

Is your aging furnace simply not keeping up with the heating needs of your business? Artic Air can help you find the right replacement. We’ll take your budget into account, but also make sure you’re getting a quality new furnace that will last.

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